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Vector Marketing offers challenging and meaningful work opportunities in the field of sales, with no experience required. Entry-level sales representatives participate in an initial three-day training seminar, and then attend on-going training to hone skills and address trouble spots. They also have the chance to go on sales calls with experienced reps for further on-the-work training.

One of the unique aspects of Vector Marketing Corporation is our ”promote from within“ policy. Everyone in the sales organization from the newest manager, right up to the president, began in the entry-level position before they advanced into the management ranks. Students can choose part-time or full-time work, and take breaks for school and other commitments while maintaining their position within the organization. This is just one of many aspects of a career with Vector Marketing that is especially attractive to college students.

For more information, or to apply on-line with the Vector Marketing office nearest to you, simply follow the link below:

Part-time work also is available for those individuals who want a schedule that allows them to work around family responsibilities or other work commitments. A career opportunity within Vector Marketing is a possibility for those who wish to pursue it. If you‘re a non-student, please click on the link below for an on-line application